Seven months pregnant woman passes away in Onitsha hotel room after marathon romp

authorities in Anambra State have begun investigations with a view to unravelling the mystery behind the death of a seventh-month pregnant woman who allegedly died during marathon love-making with a lover in Onitsha the commercial hub of the east.

In a bizarre twist of events, the haevily pregnant woman unfortunately gave-up the ghost during a passionate tryst at a hotel where in onitsha where she and her lover had lodged. Police now have the man in custody where he is currently undergoing interrogations after hotel staff discovered the lifeless body of the woman, the morning after.

According to our source, the woman’s lover checked into the hotel and later on contacted the pregnant woman via telephone and she later metup with him at the hotel, only to find out in the morning that his partner could not wake up on Wednesday morning.

However, our informant denied rumours that the woman’s death was caused by charms placed on her by her husband, adding that it was more likely that she died as a result of exhaustion after several rounds of love-making. He urged that the police force should conduct a comprehensive investigation so as to unravel the matter.

In the meantime, the corpse has been deposited at a morgue in the city by the police, as members of her family are been awaited for proper identification of the body.The spokesman for the Anambra police command, Mr Uche Ezeh, gave confirmation that the suspect was in police custody and that the case has been transferred to the State CID in Awka for more investigations.
corpse being taken out

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