see How a Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And Does The Unthinkable

Out Nature can be a brutal place, but sometimes we get to see an unexpected behaviour from animals that can leave us all shock. And one such is the moment a lioness grabbed a female baboon by the scruff of the neck while her baby clung onto her limp body.

With the mother baboon now dead, the baby baboon attempts to make a run for a nearby tree, but was too weak to climb.
The lioness watched in disbelief, seemingly eyeing up her next snack.

At this point, the future looked rather gloomy for this tiny baboon, who looked as if he was about to become the next meal for this bloodthirsty lioness.

But incredibly, just when it looked as if the lioness was about to crush this poor motherless baby baboon, something remarkable happens.

The lioness started playing with the baby baboon and, after a while, picked up the tiny primate softly in her mouth before settling down with the baby between her paws

Then, in a strange behavioral twist, the baboon cry’s and try’s to suckle the lioness.

The baby baboon is safe, for now, and the lioness has been very gentle and tender towards him,and the baboon is not afraid But then, just as it seemed the ordeal was over, something even more remarkable happens.

Two male lions arrived on the scene to examine the baboon, but were met with aggression by the lioness, who chased them away in an unexpected show of compassion.

However, during the fracas, a male baboon – who had been watching from a nearby tree – saw an opportunity to save the baby from the clutches of the lions.
He swooped down undetected and whisked the baby to safety in the tree tops.

Back safely in the trees, the big male cuddles the baby baboon after his heroic rescue mission.

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