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40+ Totally Gorgeous Ghana Braids Hairstyles
When it comes to African styles of braiding, you can never run out of options. This includes regular braids, twist braids and Ghana braids among others. However, most women find some styles more preferable. The most common are the Ghana braids. So, why do we love Ghana braids? 1.... Read more
Red Meat Causes Cancer, Says Fun-Hating World Health Organization
It’s kind of bad that even when reading about how red meat could cause cancer, I can only think about how yummy all those pictures of bacon look. The World Health Organization released a report today stating that red meat is “probably carcinogenic.” They also say that eating 50g... Read more
See How to Whiten Your Teeth In Just 3 Minutes
Most people would want to have whiter teeth but they don’t know how to go about it. One good thing about teeth whitening is that you don’t need a ton of money to have white glittering teeth. I just found out that one may not need all the expensive... Read more
The 20 Hottest New Cars for 2016
Ferrari 488 GTB $275,000 (est) At a price tag оf оvеr NGN50M. thе 488 GTB iѕ thе newest mid-engine, “entry-level” Ferrari, continuing a line thаt dates back tо thе Dino 206 GT оf thе lаtе 1960s thrоugh thе much-loved 458 Italia. Thе lineage fоr mid-engine, turbocharged Ferraris iѕ a... Read more
See What She Wore To Church And See Her Pastor’s Reaction
When it comes to the proper dress code for attending church events, different people have different opinions, so it’s no surprise that Pastor Dee Franklin from St. Stephen Baptist Church in Houston Texas, posted this lady’s picture on her Facebook wall. the lady in question came to her church... Read more
Professor Orders Girls To Perform N*ked In Order To Pass Final Exam
Parents of some students studying at UC San Diego have expressed anger and shock when they found out that a professor in the school, required the students to perform in the n*de in order to pass their final exams. However school officials have come out to defend the act... Read more
Bad habits that can damage your body
what are the bad habits that affect the body? People are different and each has different routines and habits. But unfortunately, some habits can damage or impair the body of a person. While they are these bad habits? Some habits can influence the look of a person, some routines... Read more
Early marriage is good for you! Benefits of early marriage
Everyone knows that young people are not in a hurry these days to start a family, they place their careers in the first place and starting a family nearly at the last place. Psychologists believe that these late marriages are a bad influence on the health of the couple... Read more
Six easy steps to overcome big belly: tricks to have a flat stomach
The big belly problem does not only occur in people who are obese, but also in those who are thin. If your belly is now beginning to bulge, try to put to practice some of these easy tips adcocated by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass. Both are authors of... Read more
Foods that can make adults grow taller
A healthy nutritious balanced diet is imperative for growing tall. People ask how their children will grow taller. Children should eat nutritious foods during their growth years to make sure their growth is not stunted. But if you are an adult, you can also add a few inches to... Read more