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what are the bad habits that affect the body? People are different and each has different routines and habits. But unfortunately, some habits can... Bad habits that can damage your body

what are the bad habits that affect the body?
People are different and each has different routines and habits. But unfortunately, some habits can damage or impair the body of a person. While they are these bad habits?

Some habits can influence the look of a person, some routines make the best body and other negatively affect the appearance of the body. These habits include diet, exercise or treatment of the body.

Well, according to Foxnews, here are 10 habits that can worsen the appearance of a person’s body.

Use of inappropriate products to clean the face
Many men have no special treatment for the face, so they simply use something to clean their face, including body wash, These soaps contain chemicals that can dry the skin and make the facial skin become brittle. For this reason, they should use afacial cleansers which matches their skin type to keep the skin healthy.

Consuming too much diuretic drinks
Diuretics drinks consumption such as caffeine and alcohol can release large amounts of water in the body. If someone consumes too much diuretic drinks, this can lead to dehydration that affects the functions of cells in the body. If you can not avoid coffee and other diuretics, at least make sure to replenish your body fluids by drinking much more water.

Shaving Without using shaving cream

Dry shaving can cause skin irritations, rashes, bumps, inflammation and wounds. To prevent this, wet the area to be shaved tohelp open the pores and apply cream and shave.

Often touching the face

The hands are used to do many things that will transfer dirt, bacteria and fatty foods. When your hands touch the face, then all these things mentioned before clogs the facial pores causing acne, or inflammation. In addition, rubbing your face with your hands constantly could pull the skin that promotes the formation of wrinkles.

Sitting with a hunched posture affects the body, this is bad and dangerous to the position of the spine which triggers the pain.

Exercises to eat
Some people exercise to be able to eat later. This perception is obviously false, as it will make the body become more obese.
If you continue to do it, you will not get a healthy, slim body, but an increase in body weight that triggers the risk of several diseases.

Consuming too much alcohol
Alcohol can have both short-term or long-term effects on the body. The effects of alcohol, includes fine lines on the front face, increased caloric intake may cause the state often referred to as “beer belly”, causing acne, lower body and reduced ability to attract the opposite sex.

Eating processed products
Processed products are known to contain food additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, food dyes and others. These additives have a long term affect on the entire body. So it is best to as much as possible replace the processed foods in our diets, with fresh fruit, dried fruit or yogurt.

Sunbathing without sunscreen use
The majority of skin lesions are related to aging due to excessive sun exposure. Sunbathing without sunscreen use can make the skin become rough, wrinkled, unclear and what is more fatal is that it can cause melanoma (a type of skin cancer).

smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, and 51 of them are known as carcinogens (cancer causing). When you smoke cigarettes,free radicals are formed in the body and damage the DNA molecules that cause pale skin, dull, appear old and as many lines on the face. In addition, the long-term effects of smoking can cause terminal diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, impotency among others.
smoking cigarette


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